A flying visit to Shropshire

Last week I was in Shropshire and visited no less than three local venues. That’s probably more than I did in a single week all the time I was living in Ludlow. FWIW, these were my impressions.
(1) Chris Greve’s every-Tuesday session at the Loggerheads in Shrewsbury. Far from my first visit to the Loggerheads, but the first time I’d been to that particular session, and it was excellent.
(2) Fergus Reid’s open Mic at the Wheatsheaf in High Street, Shrewsbury. Every first and third Wednesday. I’ve known Fergus for ages and been to sessions at the Wheatsheaf, but that was my first time at the open mic. Again, an excellent evening.
(3) Ann Merrill Gray’s first-Friday session at the Blue Boar in Ludlow (formerly held at the Unicorn). My first time since the move to the Blue Boar, and I think it’s going to settle into being even better than the Unicorn sessions.

I had to return home too early for the 2nd Friday of the month session at the Dog and Pheasant in Shrewsbury, but here’s some news about the one coming up:

‘This Friday the 2nd in the month sees us at the Dog & Pheasant once again, in the back room with plenty of songs, tunes, poems etc. Last time quite a sizable group got together and enjoyed a mixed bag of traditional, modern and light hearted ‘folk’. 8pm for 8.30pm start. Hope to see you there,’


About David Harley

Computer Security Author/Editor; Independent Antimalware Researcher; CEO at Small Blue-Green World; Senior Research Fellow at ESET.
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