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I don’t generally review gigs and events here, but this note from Moz Arnold about the Farmhouse Blues Day might be useful to anyone interested in the future of the event and of South Shropshire Blues Club.

Hello Blues Club Members and Friends.

Showers of rain were forecast for the Farmhouse Blues Day on Saturday 5th August being organised at Wheathill Court Farm near Burwarton, Shropshire, by the South Shropshire Blues Club. This event is mainly for the lovers of great live music (mainly blues) and to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the Ruperts Revenge Charity. There were back up plans to transfer the whole event to the inside of a very large barn in the event of heavy rain for the afternoon and evening, But the thunderstorms turned into light rain at 1.00pm and then stopped on cue for the 2.00pm start. The event proved a great success with the crowd present and the six great bands booked did not disappoint us and we made a good profit for the two great causes. It was a lot of hard work for the organising team and a few helpers and the wonderful Howells family who made their farm available and well done to one and all.

We were expecting a capacity crowd of 500 people, but the early rain dampened the numbers and in the end we got about 280 people, but Jack decided to risk the go ahead at 2.00pm. Partly because the headline act, THE DAMNED AND THE DIRTY had come all of the way from Holland for the day! The rest of the line up was SONS OF THE DELTA, THE LUCY HOWELLS DUO, JACK BRETT & BLUE MOON with guests, SWEET TALK and THE BIG WOLF BAND, all great stuff, we only had compliments from the crowd and people wanting to see them all again.

The South Shropshire Blues Club has been running for about 5 years and despite these difficult times, is still going from strength to strength. This was the the third event at Wheathill Court Farm and if you want to join us as a member or a helper, please email Stacie Jones at the SJConsultancy on……………………………… for details or for general info visit our website , we are always looking for suggestions to improve the club. Some of the suggestions that we had this year included, possibly having a 2 day festival next year, but this would involve having a lot more helpers and we may start to lose our intimate club atmosphere? Also things like a shuttle bus from Bridgnorth to Ludlow and back again, calling at Wheathill court Farm on each run? Most people bring fold up camping chairs, but what about some straw bales to sit on as well? A wooden floor by the stage to dance on instead of the grass? We had one keen dancer who seemed to dance from 2 till 10.00pm, only breaking off to go the bar! We could go on forever, but everything we do costs time and money.

Whatever happens, dont miss the Farmhouse Blues Day next year, it will probably be all ticket up front with the barn as a back up plan. Also still left for this year is BLUES JAM at the Rose and Crown 19th August, BLUES BBQ at the Rose & crown 27th August, SLOWBURNER at the Ludlow Brewery Saturday 30th September, BLUES JAM at Rose & Crown 20th October, SPECIAL SUPER BLUES GIG at the Ludlow Brewery 18th November, BLUES JAM XMAS SPECIAL at the Rose & Crown 15th December. Please remember to look at the website to see if there any changes or additions.

Thank you all for your support for the last 5 years, I will still be around next year, but taking more of a back seat, getting old!

Regards and best wishes. Maurice (MOZ) Arnold.


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