Heart of Wales line 150th anniversary

From Siggy at Knucklas


June 1 – 4

Saturday 2nd    a Special Folk Down the Track at the Castle Inn Knucklas. Come on the train if you can, it arrives from the Shrewsbury direction at 7.01pm and returns at 9.10pm. There will be music in the bar and the function room and plenty of beer and good food!

Sunday 3rd    Walk the new railway path from Knighton to Knucklas. Meet Diane Stubbs at the Old School Knighton at 12 noon. Go a bit early and have a look at the Art Exhibition first!


You can join us for Tea at Upper House Knucklas at 2pm and be entertained by Bandamania and Whitton Voices .Have  a  look too at the wonderful art work on display in the village  and return on the train  at 6.32pm. 

Monday 4th    Exhibition of work  by the ‘Painters Beyond the Line’ at Cwmjenkin Studios, Knucklas LD71PT.  Also enjoy tea and cake, homemade soup, vintage tractors, local musicians, woodland walks and stunning scenery.


ART DOWN THE LINE STUDIOS OPEN 1- 4th June from 11 – 5 pm (till 6.30 Sat and Sun)

  • The Old School  West Street

Knighton LD7 1EN

  • Upper House Knucklas LD71PN
  • Castle Hill Arts Knucklas LD7 1PS
  • Castle Garden Knucklas LD7 1PS

Plenty more details about all this are attached to this email* or contact Lottie on 01547 528792 (oleary.lottie@gmail.com)

Please join us and try and use the train if you can.

Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

*See the attached PDF below – DH

art down the line details


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Former Computer Security Author/Editor; Independent Antimalware Researcher; guitarist/singer/songwriter
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