Shropshire Roads Folk Sessions

I’ve just received updated information from Clive Grainger about these sessions. (Thanks, Clive.)

“Hi David, could you include the following on the Sabrinaflu listings, pleasde? We are not quite in the Severn Valley, but close to a couple of tributaries in the Newport area! Firstly, you list an Open Mic or a session in the Lion at Edgmond. The pub is closed, permanently, we believe, sadly, but the sessions still run under the title
Shropshire Roads Folk Sessions.
We meet every week, and normally get between about 8 and 15 people at a session.

Shropshire Roads Folk Sessions:

  • first Wednesday – New Inn, Newport TF10 7LX
  • second Wednesday – Three Horseshoes, Sambrook TF10 8AP
  • third Wednesday – Red Lion at Sutton TF10 8DQ
  • fourth Wednesday – Three Horseshoes at Sambrook TF10 8AP
  • fifth Wednesday – Red Lion at Sutton TF10 8DQ.

All sessions start at around 8.30pm . Everyone welcome, from beginners to professionals. Plenty of tunes and songs, and everyone who wants to, gets a turn. Expect mainly folk, but also a bit of blues, roots, or even country. For more info email Clive at”

About David Harley

Independent antimalware/security researcher/author/editor; musician/singer/songwriter
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