Changes to this blog

I’ve been carrying out extensive changes to this blog (among others), many of them arising from the fact that I need to spend (even) less time on it. Mostly it’s been a matter of amending some out-of-date info or hiding pages that aren’t useful/updated right now, so it’s a lot less cluttered. However, there are two major changes.

  1. All the pages I’ve modified this time round should have today’s date at the top. This is in the hope that if at some point in the future I’m unable to update the blog and no one else has come along to take up the slack (hint, hint…) it will be reasonably obvious that the information is out of date.
  2. I’ve modified the ‘Regular Events’ page – which is probably what most people come here to look at – to a slightly more cohesive format. Specifically, events that happen less frequently (e.g. every month) are grouped following the weekly event for that day, rather than in a separate group.

David Harley

About David Harley

Musician/singer/songwriter; independent author/editor
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