Coming Up…

[Updated 5th March 2018]

As I haven’t found time to update this for several months, I’m calling time on it, at least for the present. In times of stress (which is most of the time), I wasn’t very good at keeping this page updated, especially after I left the area.

Look for regular events on the Regular Events page. Unsurprisingly…I’m a little bit better at posting one-off things on the Sabrinaflu Facebook page. Interesting events will still be flagged in articles on the main blog page, if time allows.

N.B. This was never meant to be a comprehensive list of everything that’s coming up: I wouldn’t have had time to maintain something comprehensive. (Stuff that happens regularly was (even) less likely to be added here, purely for reasons of time management.)

I may return to this page after retirement, or someone else might pick it up, but right now I’m too busy. Sorry!

David Harley

2 Responses to Coming Up…

  1. freddyheadey says:

    People might like to try this.
    It probably won’t catch smaller\specialist\quirky events but I find Ents24 gives quite a good listing.
    (here set for a 44mile radius round Ludlow as an example),folk,world,storytelling/order/date


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