Mythstories Museum

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Mythstories Museum
Dez & Ali’s Storytelling venue in The Old Library, Wem. Stories from all ages Stories for all ages Stories from lands far & near.The museum is small but it is crammed full with things to see and do, and most importantly there are stories waiting to be heard. So we suggest you allow at least an hour for your visit, some people stay a lot longer.

The museum is suitable for everybody from the very young to the old. It has a ramp to the door and no steps in the display areas. A welcome awaits for all our visitors.

Mythstories museum of myth and fable
The Morgan Library, Aston Street, Wem, Shropshire, United Kingdom. SY4 5AU
telephone: 01939 235500 / mobile: 07969 541552

Registered Charity Number: 1086122 – VAT registration number 728 9557 79
Mythstories Museum

The Story of MythstoriesOnce upon a time, some years ago, my friends Dez and Ali told me they were thinking of setting up a storytelling venue.  They had drawn up the plans; done the costings and, fingers crossed, they hoped it would work.The first venue was in Shrewsbury, upstairs over a rather noisy pub. “Hum”, thought Dez and Ali, “could do with a better venue than this!”.  Luckily Wem came to their assistance and the Old Library was offered for them to rent.

I remember loading my boot with lots of stuff to take to Wem.  It was January and very cold in the Old Library.  “What we need is a nice open fire in the hearth”, said a rather blue Ali.

Now, some years on it is a wonderful place with … well you will just have to go along and see, wont you!


The Morgan Library

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