Album Reviews

[Updated March 12th 2018]

Album Reviews

If you fancy reviewing a new (or not so new) album do email  the write up, photo and contact details to They don’t have to be particularly recent. Mine often aren’t (I recently reviewed Bert Jansch’s first album over 50 years after it was first issued!): sometimes it’s good to share something with people that they might have missed. [DH] reviews

David Harley is currently reviewing CDs for Here are links to those I’ve done so far:

N.B. I’m happy to review CDs (etc) for Sabrinaflu (and/or Wheal Alice Music) – sometimes I even review CDs I bought myself – but if you want a review (and I’d encourage you to consider it: there’s a good review team there), it may be more effective to contact them directly rather than through me, though any requests will go through an internal process for allocation. Of course, I’m more likely to volunteer for CDs from artists I know, but there’s no guarantee that someone else won’t grab it first. And they might be better qualified than me. 🙂

Sabrinaflu reviews

Review of a stunning CD by Daria Kulesh: DARIA KULESH – Long Lost Home (own label)

I usually put up (or link to) reviews both here and at Wheal Alice, but I don’t seem to have remembered with this one, so here’s a link to the Wheal Alice review: Bert Jansch – a belated review. Yes, it took me around 50 years to acquire my own copy of Bert’s first album, though I already knew it quite well from years ago, of course.

A review by courtesy of Keith Whiddon (of The Flying Toads and Bouzatina): Review: Emma and the Professor’s ‘Old Black Crow’.

Review of Mal Brown’s excellent CD Sharp Stones and Tender Hearts

Review of a lovely CD by Martin Thomas: CD Review: ‘Pieces’ by Martin Thomas

Flying Toads CD review (an excellent collection of tunes and songs: not the same, more recent CD reviewed for – see link above).

Ring Around the Land is a review by Fliss of a CD by Red Shoes.

And here are a couple I made earlier. [DH]

A Shropshire Lad: a 1994 CD by the late Michael Raven with vocals by Joan Mills, featuring settings of poems by A.E. Housman alternating with Welsh traditional (mostly) tunes played on solo guitar.  Originally posted on my Shropshire Blues blog (which is more about Shropshire than blues!).

Vagrant Stanzas: a review of the 2013 recording by Martin Simpson. Originally posted on my personal web page.

Wheal Alice reviews

Bert Jansch – a belated review – yes, it’s the CD version of that 50+-year-old first album. Of which I finally own a copy…

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David Harley


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