Red Shoes album review – Ring Around The Land


Celtic Moon
Keep On Loving You
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Only A Fool
Woman In Love
My Father’s Green Beret
White Dress
Some Day We’ll Meet
Keep A Hold On Me
Diamonds She Once Wore
Two Sisters
Ring Around The Land

Red Shoes are Carolyn and Mark Evans from Birmingham.

In 2010, they have released their debut album, Ring Around The Land, with the help of Fairport Convention bassist and fellow Brummie, Dave Pegg.

The story of Red Shoes begins in the first half of the 1980s, when folk singer, Carolyn Cook discovered guitarist, Mark Evans. In turn, Red Shoes were then discovered by Howie Klein, legendary San Francisco DJ, who gave them airtime, and Clive Gregson, who produced the tracks which would become their first release on their own Stepping Out label. More releases followed, complimented by videos courtesy of the BBC.

It is said that a debut album is often a band’s best output, as they have had all their lives to write it. This is so obviously the case with Red Shoes. It has taken what must seem like an eternity to get to this point. But ultimately, things of great quality and beauty will always out.
Red Shoes are the perfect example of the talent, the substance, and the songs will find a way. And they have. It’s an enlightening story of hope, optimism, and burning ambition. It’s two performers who have paid their life dues, and have something unfulfilled: a great talent that deserves to be shared.

Review by Fliss Burke.. 5/4/12

Red Shoes

At the turn of the millennium, Red Shoes simultaneously made a comeback and called it a day.


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