About Felicity Burke and the original Sabrinaflu site.

[Posted 2014]sabrina

In 1997 I went on a web design course at the University of Wolverhampton spread over three Saturdays.  At the end of it I got a certificate for a module.  Then in 1999 I actually started working for the University on an IT project based in Church Stretton, Shropshire.  I taught the web design course to individuals and people running small businesses.

I needed an example of my own to show students, so I chose to design a folk website…. Sabrinaflu.  On old maps the River Severn is called Sabrina flumen – flu for short.

The site reflects my interests. Irish Music, Stivell, Ralph McTell, Dubliners.

I really enjoying being part of sessions at The Boat Inn, Jackfield, and have learned a vast amount of tunes and songs. 

I co-ordinate the Birchmeadow Irish & Folk Practice Session on Sunday Mornings. Its for beginners and improvers. And for a number of years have run the ‘Turn up and Play’ sessions at Shrewsbury Folk Festival with the help of various friends. 

I do enjoy going to Folk Festivals, but stick to a couple a year.  Shrewsbury and Festival at the Edge.

Fliss Burke

February 2014

The design depicting Shrewsbury was adapted from the front of my old school mag…. artist unknown.. I can’t draw for toffee !

1 Response to About Felicity Burke and the original Sabrinaflu site.

  1. Sadly I have phased out the Website after 15 years.. we still have the blog run by David Harley, with me as back seat driver.. and the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/27261137852/


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