Folk trio Doggerland at Hellens, in Herefordshire

This is an event that sounds interesting at Much Marcle near Ledbury on 12th July: Sounds interesting, including Swedish and Norwegian dance tunes and sea songs. You can get directions to the venue here:

David Harley

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Castlefields session change of venue – further news.

News from Roger Drummond about the 2nd Friday session formerly at the Dog & Pheasant in Castlefields, Shrewsbury.  (Previously mentioned here.)

For our June session we moved from the Dog & Pheasant to Castlefields Community Hall.  This proved to be a successful evening, our usual format of songs, tunes, stories, poems, news etc. plus a little dancing!!  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and it was good not to have the background noise.  Some brought their own drinks and the pub next door was happy to serve us to carry out to the hall.

All finished looking forward to next time which should be 12th July but unfortunately with work and family commitments it is proving impossible to run that evening so can we call on everybody’s good nature to make the next session, 9th August, a really good one. ” 

David Harley

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Grey Wolf & Deborah Rose in Ludlow

Here’s a gig in Ludlow I’ll be sorry to miss: June 20th at the Ludlow Brewery. Grey Wolf with Deborah Rose and friends, as part of the Fringe Festival. More info/tickets here.

Lots of other events worth a look, too.

David Harley

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2nd Friday session at Dog & Pheasant trying new venue

News from Roger Drummond. The 2nd Friday event currently held at the Dog and Pheasant in Shrewsbury will be trying out a different venue this month (14th June 2019), the Castlefields Community Hall, from 8pm for 8.30pm start until 11pm.

“Tea and coffee will be available if required or you can bring your own wine and beer or even pop next door to the Telegraph…we are suggesting a £3 per person donation to cover expenses … We will have plenty of space, in a quiet room, to play tunes, sing songs, tell stories, recite poems and even fit in a dance or two if you want. Lets give it a go, it could have a lot going for it…”

I’ve always enjoyed the evenings I’ve spent there, so I hope it works out well for them. I’ll try to keep you informed.

David Harley

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CD review – Julie July Band

The Julie July Band steps beyond Sandy Denny tribute material and releases an album of original material. And it turns out to be rather good. Much as I like their interpretations of Sandy’s songs, I hope they’ll continue to develop in this direction too.  Here’s my review for

JULIE JULY BAND – Lady Of The First Light (Aurora Folk Records JJB19CD1)

David Harley

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CD review – Burning Salt

Another review for, this time of a stunning album by the local-ish Burning Salt:

BURNING SALT – Automatic Lullaby (Own Label)

Burning Salt. Photo by Jean-Francois C. Lemay.jpg

David Harley

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CD Review – Keith James

Another review for of another excellent album by Keith James: KEITH JAMES – Message From The Gods (Hurdy Gurdy HGA2928)

David Harley

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