[Updated 21st February 2020]

These are notes from Fliss from the original website.


The kings of the Irish song.  First heard their music in the late 60’s.   Saw them in Dudley on their 40th Anniversary tour, great to see Ronnie and Jim with them.

Special favourites of mine. Wonderful voices of Roy and Ronnie.  Home page run by Ronnie Browne’s son.

I have been a fan of the Corries since my college days.  Wish I had got to see them.

 I use ‘Flatfish’ and ‘Rubai’ as my fast motoring music. Have seen them in concert several times.
Little Johnnie England  Modern rock-folk – “rocking the English tradition”. Saw them at Chester Festival 2002. Wow. Saw the box player Gareth with Phil Beer band. 
Show of Hands

English acoustic music – STEVE KNIGHTLEY  and   PHIL BEER. Seen them at several venues and festivals. They were  great at Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year (2012)

Celtarabia Exciting blend of Celtic and Arabic music- hurdy-gurdy and hammered dulcimer. Enjoy their music, its something different.
Albion Band


“Following the Autumn 2002 tour the line-up of The Albion Band broke up. This was as a result of the shrinking number of gigs available to the band. This made it difficult for members to commit themselves full time to the group. Consequently, there are no current plans to continue with the band.”
Altan “Altan continue fresh in their vision of bringing the beauty and joy of traditional music to audiences everywhere”. really enjoying their music.  I can play their version of the ‘Ookpic Waltz’ on the concertina.
New Rope String Band

The Old Rope String Band (what is left of them: Pete Challoner and Tim Dalling) have joined forces with two amazing musicians (Jock Tyldesley and Vera van Heeringen) and as a four piece they are taking off from where the Old Ropes sadly stopped.

Wild Welsh Women
Saw them at Bridgnorth 2000.

“With their familiar rootsy sound, contemporary songs and excellent musicianship they explore all the areas of acoustic rock, folk and blues with which they have been so successful in creating one of the UKs finest and most hardworking live acts.”

“Formed in 1997, Hekety are an English Ceilidh band who play a mixture of traditional English, Celtic and European dance music with an increasing amount of self written material.”
Battlefield Band Great Scottish band, they have been going for over 30 years.
“Firebrand are a five piece band playing traditional music from the British Isles and beyond on acoustic instruments including harp, fiddle, flute, cittern and double bass. They are one of the fastest growing acts in the folk / celtic genre.”  
Last Night’s Fun Double wow… Saw them at Chester Festival 2002 and Warwick 2002. Chris, Denny and Nick are dynamic. Chris’ Anglo Concertina playing blows you away. The sense of fun and banter are ace. Wonderful website.

“Blowzabella are a band who play hurdy-gurdies, bagpipes and an array of acoustic instruments to produce an inimitable, driving drone-based sound influenced by British and European traditional dance music.”

original, inimitable, driving sound, see them do what they do best – playing great tunes for dancing.

Na Dorsa Excellent band, saw them at Warwick 2002. Singer has a lovely voice.
Melstock Band


“Entertain with a unique combination of singing, instrumental music and spoken word, encompassing west gallery harmony, traditional songs, glees, dances, marches, poems and stories.”

Hands on Music Weekends

CONCERTINAS AT WITNEY 24th – 25th September 2005 The Essential Gathering for English, Anglo and Duet Concertinas

An Anfa The present line-up Steve Byng – lead guitar; Simon Davis – bass guitar, Tim Woodhall – Uilleann pipes, flute, whistle, melodeon and chief name finder, Nick Haynes – drums, mandolin and guitar and Dave Bruce Johnson – mandolin, violectra, dulcimer and banjo.Tim Woodhall  Wonderful site introduces you to my friend Tim the piper.
Bellowhead Wonderful sound drifting across the site at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2008 and again in 2011


Téada’s characteristic lively blend of instrumentals and vocals in the traditional Irish idiom has seen the band evolve into the busiest touring act in the traditional music scene in recent times.

Band member, Sligo fiddle-player, Oisin is respected internationally as a fiddle tutor. One of the most exciting young musicians on the traditional scene. I’ve met him at the Fleadh in Listowel.

The House Devils Irish traditional band
You can see and hear more at:   Mob: 0776 231 6111 

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