Polly Bolton

[Updated 21st February 2020]

Polly Bolton



Polly Bolton is recognised as one of the leading exponents of the decorative style of traditional British singing. Polly now spends her time growing fruit and vegetables in her forest garden and running  OAK BARN WORKSHOP CENTRE, near Ludlow in Shropshire, from where she runs singing workshops and singing camps. She likes to work with people who feel blocked from using their singing voice, as well as those with more experience. Whilst giving occasional private lessons, Polly’s preferred method of teaching is through workshops. She also arranges for a community choir “Larks”, a group open to all who enjoy singing or have a desire to sing. Polly also arranges polyphonic arrangements of some of our finest folk songs and writes chants and jazz improvisations.Polly believes we can all sing if we give ourselves permission. The recent interest in voice workshops, singing groups and voice camps helps make that “permission” possible to all.

I have been on one of the workshops and it was great fun.  I learned a lot about breathing correctly and projecting sound.

Polly sings in an a cappella group called The Polisumi Sisters and continues to record with her favourite musicians including Kev Dempsey, Paul Dunmall, Kalinka Vulcheva and American composer and arranger, Jennifer Cutting.

Polly sang backing on THE MISTS OF AVALON with one of my favourite artists Alan Stivell.  I met Polly at a non folk event some years ago where everyone was wearing a name badge.  I said. “ah Polly Bolton, you’ve sung with my favourite artist”; she said “ah Felicity Burke, I’ve just found your website will you put a link to mine.” 



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