Ann & Dave Reader

[Updated 18th March 2020]
…Now often also known as Mr and Mrs Scarecrow, a singer songwriter duo currently hailing out of Shropshire. Dave Reader is already well known to many on the folk circuit in the West Midlands both as a solo performer and as having sung with an acapella group the Laners.Dave has been writing songs for a number of years and is also well known for his rendition of some of Sid Kipper’s humorous masterpieces and for his Black Country humour.

Ann, formerly Ann Mathews, moved to Shropshire from Southampton where she sang with a Shanty Group Priory Hard. She was somewhat surprised to discover in 2000 that she had a flair for  writing folk songs. Her first CD Stolen Kisses came out in 2002 .  She is working on another solo CD, . In April 2007 Ann brought out her latest CD called “Annie’s going to sing a song” which features guest appearances from Compost Heap a male acappella group from Herefordshire; and of course from Dave Reader.

The couple met at Banbury Festival in  October 2001 and soon discovered that their voices blended well. The first song they wrote together was Scarecrow and as at the time they lived 150 miles apart it was largely written over the telephone. This track is the title song for their joint CD, released in 2005, which contains a mixture of harmony songs, accompanied songs and one or two humorous numbers from Dave.

Ann and Dave are best known for their unaccompanied harmony songs,  many of which reflect the seasons or natural cycles. They do both write songs with guitar accompaniments. Dave also plays the mandolin and mandola with which he adds additional musical interest to some of Ann’s songs.  Ann also plays the fiddle, the mandocello and the bouzouki.

Info and photo from Ann & Dave’s website link



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