Commoner’s Mock

A ceili/barn dance band also briefly known on at least one occasion as Philibelulah. 😉

Commoners_Mock (00000002)

Yes, that is me playing (h)air(less) guitar, but I’m not a permanent member of the band due to imminent (hopefully) relocation. Unfortunately: I rather enjoyed the fact that this is the first ceilidh band I’ve played with in nearly 50 years of guitar-playing that actually had proper rehearsals. With cake. 🙂

The others in the photo are Josh and Emily on fiddle, Marcia on concertina, Ami on banjo, John on bodhran. The caller is melodeon player Greg (see below), and the original photo (also shown below) was taken by Tash, who has been known to contribute tea-chest bass.

More photos:

commoners lite 2

commoners lite

David Harley