David Harley

[Updated 21st February 2020]

A little shameless self promotion? Not really, as my gig-hunting days are far behind me, and it’s been a couple of years since I gigged anywhere in the Midlands. Unsurprisingly, since I live very far West in Penwith, Cornwall. Still, my name pops up here just about often enough that someone occasionally wonders who this guy Harley actually is.

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To my slight bewilderment, there is a Wikipedia article about me here, but it’s mostly about my former daytime job(s) in IT security. However, I did play guitar for a living long ago, and never quite grew out of it. In the early 1970s I played with a number of bands in Wales and the Midlands, and worked as a duo with Sally Stevenson (now Sally Goddard) who is still giving it some welly with the Canadian band Atlantic Union. In the later 70s and 80s I worked with various bands and artists including Kathy Bowen-Jones, Nick Warman (as a trio we called ourselves the Flying Piglets), Lyn (Anna) Thompson, Don MacLeod, and poet and songwriter Bernard Puckett. There are some miscellaneous recordings (mostly from the 80s) on Soundcloud and on a blog site imaginatively called David Harley Songs, which includes some more recent demo recordings. My more recent stuff is posted on the blog I started when I moved down to Cornwall – Wheal Alice Music.

In recent years I’ve been much more engaged with songwriting than with performing (as a guitarist or as a singer), but I do inflict myself occasionally on audiences around Shropshire, where I lived until recently (in Ludlow, to be precise, though I now live in Cornwall). Sometimes solo, sometimes with ceilidh bands (most recently with Commoners Mock), sometimes (but not nearly often enough) with the fine American singer Ann Gray.

As a soloist, I tend to play my own material (on acoustic and electric guitars) with a  leavening of blues, especially bottleneck. I have been known to play other instruments, but only in bands or in the studio, hardly ever solo.

David Harley