[updated 21st February 2020]


Emma Woodhouse – Vocals

Emma played with a local rock band as singer and guitarist for four years before joining  Driftwood. She plays the piano (lazily) and the guitar (also lazily) and is relieved that she doesn’t have to multitask any longer. She is enjoying experimenting with the Driftwood sound and style.

Nick Wells – Bass

Nick has been playing guitar since the age of 14 and had piano lessons before that. Recent exposure to lots of new artists in the jazz and blues world has rejuvenated him – and he’s on a mission to be as good as the artists he’s been listening to.

Nick has ‘knocked around’ in a few different bands, but Driftwood is a new kind of sound for him. He switched to bass after ‘inheriting’ one. Now he has a big noisy amp to enjoy it with too.

Nick enjoys cooking, gardening and brewing beer, and doesn’t realize that this last interest is the real reason he was asked to join the band. Well, and to bring down the average age, obviously. He also likes to mess around with lots and lots and lots of geeky computer things, mostly just to enjoy the flashing lights! 

Ali Macdonald – Keyboards, Guitar, Mandolin

Ali has been playing the piano and guitar since the age of 9 and a couple of years ago, after a 30 year break, decided to go back to piano lessons and finally take his Grade 8. He can turn his hand to most forms of music, whether classical, rock, folk or blues, something which is very useful with a band like Driftwood! On stage, he plays a Yamaha PSR740 keyboard and, where space permits, a Kurzweil PCR88, which is a full size stage piano. His guitar is an electro-acoustic Yamaha APX-4A. His wife says he’s like Rick Wakeman. It’s nothing to do with his keyboard playing skills, just the fact they’re both Grumpy Old Men!

Dave Rolfe – Guitar

Dave was born in Reading before anyone can remember and started playing music (well Bob Dylan songs anyway) after hearing “Blowing in the Wind” sung by Danish Scouts at an international Scout camp. Like Dylan he went electric and misspent his youth playing loud rock music and ruining his hearing. Before long he had a young family and sold his guitar to put food on the table. With children fed, grown and ready to fly the nest he bought an acoustic guitar and rediscovered the music he had grown up with. After a satisfying spell with Kevin Arnold in the folk duo “Take Two” he accepted the invitation to join Driftwood.

Dave is the oldest member of the band and many people wonder where he gets the energy for a Driftwood performance. “Before each performance” he explains, “I think of my first girlfriend who died tragically young. We played guitar and sang together as teenagers and when I’m on stage I’m actually only 16 years old”.

Reuben Alldridge – Trombone, Percussion

Reuben is a true professional. He teaches music by day, and blows a mean bluesy trombone by night. He was raised in the mysterious shadow of the Stiperstones, and some of the magic of the place travels with him. How can such a skinny guy blow so hard? where does all that music come from? Not that there is anything sinister about brother Reuben. He’s a righteous soul. Blow that trambone brother Reuben.

Rhiannon Lewis – Flute, Piccolo, harmonies

Rhiannon has a rare combination of talents. Not only can she play complex classical music by reading the dots, but she can also improvise a blues solo or play jigs and reels. A true musician with a classical pedigree, she can still do justice to a Muddy Waters classic or an Elvis Presley hit. This sort of eclectic flexibility is just what Driftwood is all about.



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