John Richards

[Updated 21st February 2020]

john richards

The John Richards Band was retired in 2014, but John himself is still writing and still out and about gigging. He was Coseley born and bred, lived in Wolverhampton most of his married life before moving into Shropshire: he now lives just outside Bridgnorth. His many CDs are listed on his web site here, including excerpts from the songs. And very interesting they sound, too.

I reviewed a recent CD of his for, and was well impressed. JOHN RICHARDS – Bring Back The Spring (Working Joe Music WJMCD2019)

His best known songs are probably Honour and Praise covered by Fairport, The Deserter covered by Fairport, Roaring Water Bay covered by Show of Hands and Shine On, covered by Johnny Collins, Graeme Knights and George Papavgeris. Other artists who’ve covered his songs are included here.

His upcoming gigs are listed on John’s Facebook page.