Kinver Steady Music Session still holding steady

I got feedback to this site telling me that the Steady Music Session at the Plough and Harrow, Kinver DY6 7HD seemed to have stopped happening. However, Mel Biggs tells me that despite a change of landlord, it is indeed still going. Next session at the time of writing will be 5th September 2016.

Nonetheless, while I’m always pleased to receive information relating to new events (and will flag it here as soon as I’m able) I’m also anxious to hear when an event we list here comes to an end or changes in some other way, even if the information isn’t definite. If you use the site contact form rather than let me know directly, that ensures that I’m not the only person who can follow it up.

And, of course, while I’m not overjoyed when someone finds an error or inaccuracy here, I do appreciate it if people let me know so that I can correct it. Especially if they do so politely.🙂
steady speed session

David Harley

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Some events coming up

Added to the (somewhat longer) Coming Events page:


  • Minibal – music and dance, 8pm Monday 19 September, Shrewsbury Coffeehouse, Castlegates


  • Afternoon music and dance workshop and Evening Bal with Kantref – Saturday 3 December – Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Abbey Foregate Shrewsbury

Please note that this is never going to be a complete list of events, but I’ll try to add things in good time if they’re brought to my attention.

[Grumpy mode] And if you need more information, please follow any links provided rather than berating me for not including it. I have a job, and this isn’t it… (You know who you are!) [/grumpy mode]

David Harley

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On the Border…

Three notifications from Siggy at the Knucklas club:

Thursday 18th August: Folk Down The Track at Castle Inn, Knucklas, on the Heart of Wales line. Kicks off at 7.30. Singing and playing in the parlour, plus the Castle Musicians playing in the function room.

[Info from the Regular events page] Castle Inn, Knucklas (on the Heart of Wales line). (Tel: Siggy 01547 528223 or the Castle Inn 01547 528150) A regular session which is visited every second month by Folk Down The Track, by way of the Heart of Wales line. N.B. if you go by train, the last train back to Craven Arms/Shrewsbury goes at 21.50 [last checked 17th August 2016]. Unfortunately, the last train towards Swansea leaves just after 19.00, the same train the Shrewsbury-ish visitors arrive on, so visitors from the South don’t usually come  by train. More information about Folk Down the Track at Slow Travel in the Marches.

Monday August 22nd: Crown, Clunton: Session with 7.30 start. (Richard 01588 660226)

And a one-off event.



Nigel and Mick say:

“We welcome the return of this duo from Seattle, after their -previous two sell-out concerts in Presteigne. This time they’re only here for a short tour, and this concert will be a special acoustic candle-lit performance (profits to Knighton Refugee Support Group). Their stripped-to-the-bone original songs celebrate their old-time roots, using haunting vocals and subtly inventive arrangements of guitar, bouzouki, banjo and mandolin.

Extraordinary instrumental skills and soaring vocal harmonies define their unique style and performances.

Acoustic music just doesn’t get any better than this. If you missed them last time this is your chance.

Please book in advance if possible as they’re likely to sell out.
“Thoughtful, gentle, intricate and deep” – Songlines
“Music that the world needs” – Tim O’Brien. These guys are very very good and very popular, and they’ve had a lot of publicity on BBC, so please book in advance if possible.

Contact: 01544 350407; 01547 528315; or email Nigel

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Northumbria/Scots Borders tunes

Posted by Kitty Greenwood/WiseWood Folk to the Sabrinaflu Facebook page:

Play It By Ear series 6: Tunes from Northumbria and the Scottish borders. All melody instruments welcome, beginner & experienced players. Groups meet in Craven Arms, Wednesday evenings from September 14th, £34 (6 week course) booking essential – please email for full details:

David Harley

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Putting on Poetry

[Also published on my Cornish ‘Wheal Alice’ blog, as it’s not of purely regional interest.]

Here’s an article from the Poetry School on How to Put on a Poetry Reading flagged by my friend Jean Atkin, who puts on regular readings in Ludlow at which I’ve occasionally been allowed to assault the ears of an audience. (If you’re in that part of the world, I include poetry events on the Sabrinaflu blog as well as folkier stuff.)

It’s a bit London-centric, but worth a look if you’re planning a poetry event. Come to think of it, some of those tips are applicable to musical events too.

Which all reminds me that I haven’t visited any poetry events around Penwith yet. Oh, Cornwall, what a treat you have in store.😉

David Harley

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South Shropshire Blues Club

While I’m plugging good causes…

I’ve certainly mentioned before the Farmhouse Blues Day at Wheathill Court Farm, near Burwarton, on Saturday 30th July 2016. Post code WV16 6QT. But I’m more than happy to mention it again: after all, profits go to Cancer Research UK. Sadly, although I’m in Shropshire that week, I have to start for home before it starts. It’s an excellent bill, well worth the £20 for a ticket for the whole day.

Organizer Moz tells us that

The best way to find the farm is to take the Ludlow to Bridgnorth Road (B4364) and turn by the side of the Three Horseshoes Pub and the farm is about one mile on the left. There should be lots of sign posts with arrows pointing where to go, unless we get sabotaged again like we were 2 years ago!

If the weather’s bad, they have a nice big barn to transfer into.

Planned final line up will be as follows, roughly divided into two sections for administrative reasons:

  • 2.00 pm till 3.00pm. Lucy Howells Band.
  • 3.15pm till 4.15pm. Jack Brett with Blue Moon and special guests.
  • 4.30pm till 5.30pm. Pistol Pete Wearn.
  • 6.00pm till 7.00pm. Tetrachords.
  • 7.15pm till 8.15pm. Tom Walker Trio.
  • 8.30pm till 10.00pm. Stevie Nimmo Trio. Plus encores.

Please note this playing order may be subject to change and times are approximate because of changeover times and sound check times.

If you want any further information or if you want to reserve your tickets, phone Moz on 07896 676189 mobile or 01384 291139 office.


(Again, information from Moz.)

BLUES JAM. Friday evening 19th August. The Unicorn Pub, Corve Street, Ludlow. Always a great night out. Free admission, donations to Cancer Research UK. Bring your guitar or low volume instrument or singing voice with you or just enjoy our top class resident artists.

BLUES GIG. Friday evening 23rd September. The Ludlow Brewery. Railway Street, Ludlow. Starring Jack Brett and Blue Moon plus guests and the fabulous Kingbird Blues Band.

BLUES JAM. Friday evening 21st October.  The Unicorn Pub, Corve Street, Lulow. As above. Friendly informal jam. Bring some blues numbers or other stuff, we are not strict.

BLUES GIG. Saturday evening 26th November. The Ludlow Brewery, Railway Street, Ludlow. The fabulous Jack Brett and Blue Moon plus the incredible Jigantics, something for every one.

PRE CHRISTMAS BLUES JAM. Friday evening 16th December. The Unicorn, Corve Street, Ludlow. Yet another great night out, just 2 weeks before Christmas. This time with free food!


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Whack It, Smack It at Theatre Severn

I thought I’d posted something here about this months ago, but when I updated the Coming Up page I realized I hadn’t. Sorry, Mal.

22nd July 2016, 7pm. Whack It, Smack It: Mal Brown at the Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury, apparently with help from Trevor and Kay Hedges of Rapsquillion. All profits to the Alzheimer’s Society.

Perhaps there will be someone for whom the information hasn’t arrived too late…

Here’s some more information about Whack It, Smack It from this site’s Workshops Page.

Whack It Smack It  offers ‘Junk Music with a Difference’:
“Are you looking for the ideal fun, educational junk music group? Then ‘Whack It Smack It’ is the group for you. Here they are with Xylo-chairs, Elephant horns, Pan-de-moniums, Pop tubes, Buckets, Bowls, Games and Happiness…We are multi-instrumentalist / Singer-songwriters with a passion for multicultural arts. Our junk instruments are inspired by world ethnic music with rhythms based on the global heartbeat…
We also play Ukulele, Banjo, Melodeon, Mandolin, Guitar, Mountain Dulcimer and perform as a Ceilidh Band (complete with caller).”
They also do dog-walking. (I made that bit up, but they do pretty much everything else.) Mal Brown  (whose excellent CD I reviewed here) was at an event I was playing at a few months ago, and there were lots of kids apparently having a very good time hitting and blowing various unlikely devices.

David Harley

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